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The Eternal Circle: Purpose, Meaning, and Humanity's Eternity

Every human being is a component of a bigger, everlasting design, like individual gears in an endless clock. Though you may not fully comprehend your mission, your contribution is equally as significant as the greatest kings and queens of our planet. Some people believe that their momentary lack of riches or influence prevents them from bringing about change. But does a clockmaker choose larger gears over smaller ones? Is the hour hand jealous of the minutes because it moves more slowly? Every component has a role in the operation of a timepiece. Every part helps people around it in ways that it may never realize. Your absence would disrupt the Order of our universe, even if you are unaware of your significance.

The world existed before you and will continue after you, but it will be different because of the choices you made.

Every generation inherits the world left by its predecessor, just as a king inherits his father’s throne. Your pursuit of learning and goodness could pave the way for your great-great-grandchild’s ascension to power – the same descendant who could lead a country away from conflict and save millions of lives. Did Aristotle’s or Alexander The Great’s forefathers anticipate the consequences of their actions?

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