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Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil, Money Is The Route To All Freedom

The selfish pursuit of money is a hollow goal, but the pursuit of the goodness that money can create is one of humanity’s greatest responsibilities.

An individual’s capacity to improve the lives of others in need increases with their wealth. In the event that your friend’s home is destroyed by fire and you are impoverished but have a decent heart, you will still be a good person but unable to provide for their most basic needs. You have more than enough for yourself and anyone in your immediate vicinity who needs it, so if the same house burns down and you are wealthy, you can give your friend a place to stay and a new place to call home.

Being poor is not a bad thing, but celebrating poverty is fundamentally selfish. A poor person can save a life, but a rich person can construct a hospital and save 10 thousand lives. The rich can assist as many people as they can, but the impoverished can do little to help other poor people. When someone is wealthy, they can help others; when they are impoverished, they can only assist themselves.

Even those with little can accomplish a lot. All that money is made of is paper and numbers that are exchanged for labor and time from people.Alternatively, they may devote their time and energy to improving humankind – constructive deeds that are just as valuable as any donations to charity.

A person’s obligation to their fellow beings increases with their wealth. Similar to the Pyramid, the most powerful people are able to benefit the greatest number of people under them.

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